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   Phyl’s dynamic training style and use of blue dye to re-create burns caused by liquid, has earned him the nick name “The Blue Dye Guy”.  Phyl pioneered the technique using a package of dark blue clothing dye and water. Using re-creation as a training technique, Phyl shows how a ”wet” burn can be determined to be accidental or non-accidental.  The re-creation is also useful during investigation and demonstrative evidence in the courtroom.

   Sparing in a burn injury can often tell more about how the burn occurred than the burn itself.  Phyl explains the importance of recognizing what the sparing is telling you by pointing out the area which is NOT burned.

   The training is not limited to immersion burns.  Many forms of wet and dry contact burns, including cigarette lighters are discussed. Phyl uses experience-based training designed to give the learner practical experience with suspicious injuries.

   Phyl utilizes experience-based training, encouraging the learner to solve the problems presented to them, instead of believing  because, “I say it is so.” 
   Phyl has been the featured keynote speaker at numerous state, national and international conferences.

    Phyl has put together a team of experts which can provide up to three days of training for your agency or organization.   Seminar topics include:

  • Burns, Bites and "A Case Study in Torture" taught by Phyl
  • Shaken Baby and Child Death Investigation taught by Pam Lawson – San Diego Police Dept. 22 years
  • Child Abuse & the Law; taught by Jeff Dort, DDA San Diego County.  Jeff also presents modules on ICAC, Expert Witness Qualification and many other specialties related to this area.

    Or you can tell Phyl what your needs are and he can tailor a seminar to meet your requirements.


"Fantastic.  Blue dye demonstration was great." 
Seminar attendee, St Louis, MO

"Some instructors lecture, Phyl helps you learn." 
Seminar Participant, North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center

"This class helped us to quickly solve a child abuse cigarette lighter burn case." 
Investigator, San Antonio, TX.  Police Department

        "Bring him back next year.....I don't care what he is teaching."
Seminar attendee, Leicester, England



I I love interacting with the learners during the presentation.  The presentation is all about the learners and I am simply the facilitator for that learning.  I have done this with audiences of more than 600 and as small as 10.  I will address all of your needs and answer your questions and additionally demonstrate mechanics.  You can use these same techniques when preparing your demonstrative evidence for presentation for a jury, judge or panel.  And of course, I will demonstrate my "BLUE DYE TECHNIQUE" on many in the audience.  I will leave blue dye stains on students that match the burn injury on the presented victim photos, proving the mechanics and time of exposure so there is no doubt to the question of "accidental or intentional"

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